2 jun 2014


Por fin tengo canal en youtube!
Ahora podéis ver como pinto mis cuadros. Si tenéis cualquier duda del proceso, solo tenéis que dejar un comentario y estaré encantado de ayudaros.

Y como muestra..... el vídeo de como he pintado "larga espera".
Espero que os guste!

I'm finally on youtube!

Now you can see how I paint my pictures. If you have any question of the process, you only have to leave a comment and I'll be happy to help you.

As an example ..... the speed paint video of "Long wait".
Hope you like it!


© Jaime Sanjuan 2014
Pintura digital realizada con los dedos en el ipad.
Ipad digital finger painting.

3 comentarios:

  1. Hi, the video initially did not show a pencil sketch but one portion did show some light sketching. So how did you do this painting?

    1. You are very observant!
      I usually draw with my wacom InkLink in paper and then import the draw to my Ipad.
      The lines you see in the video are the imported drawing lines.
      I usually do not add a lot of detail in the drawing, only the main lines of the forms.
      I hope I have helped